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At Athens Running we strive to be good stewards of all our resources.  Around 90% of our electricity is sourced directly from our own rooftop solar system. We are always looking for opportunities to reduce waste. We share our patio with our neighbors at Independent Bakery, providing this local business with much needed extra seating. There is even a shoe recycle bin on our this patio. Our friends and customers have a place to make sure their old worn out shoes don’t go to waste, and are distributed to families in town.


We are strong believers in the power of community. We believe there is no better way to achieve your goals than through the help and encouragement of friends. That is why we always host a group run on Thursday nights at 6:30pm.  Our group runs have become a local watering hole to celebrate victories, life events, and get to know your fellow Athenians. We also partner with local running clubs like Athens Road Runners, who we believe share our vision. Learn more Here:


Our mission is to help make a regular running or walking routine as easy and painless as humanly possible. We are dedicated to a healthy Athens. Our fit process encourages confidence in a regular workout routine and we believe is a necessary step to exercising injury free. Proper hydration is a necessary step to living and running a healthy lifestyle. So, we installed a free filtered water station on the exterior of our building to make sure all of our 5points runners, walkers, and bikers have easy access to clean filtered water. We know hydration is important for pets too, so we even provide a community dog bowl for the little guys.